The most organised and concise effort to provide information on wartime material substitution is contained in the 1944 and  1946 revision of AN-01-1A-9 ‘US and British Commonwealth of Nations Aircraft Metals’. These publications reconciled the manufacture of US aircraft designs in Australia and Canada and allowed for the repair of US aircraft in UK service use. Though some of the quoted US material standards are also obsolete in the current day enough chemical and mechanical information is provided to generate useful outcomes.


US_and_Commonwealth_Aircraft_Materials_1944_AN 01-1A-9 - 7.5mb


US_and_Commonwealth_Aircraft_Materials_1946_AN 01-1A-9 - 122mb



The Society of British Aircraft Constructors (SBAC) issued Report TS96 on Similar Metallic Materials which reference both British Standards and DTD specifications and their equivalents.


SBAC Substitutions



The Government Aircraft Factory, the successor to Australia’s Department of Aircraft Production generated a number of datasheets to assist it in the task of manufacturing and maintaining US and UK aircraft engines and designs.